Dying to Live in Palm Beach is a winner!

by Lenny Golay, owner Corner Book Store, NYC

Books about Palm Beach or any resort area for that matter, often resonate, beach read… but in this case Dying to Live in Palm Beach by Jane Grossman, although somewhat of a beach read is set apart from the others.  It’s a genuine “who dun it” and lots of fun and angst at the same time.

by Joyce -

Just having read the dedication of this book, I was enticed to read the mystery. There is humor and heart and imagination in this tightly woven tale of intrigue among women friends sharing the Palm Beach life and the challenges of aging. Jane Grossman has created an homage to these women, especially colorful Flossie and her loving companion. The twist of the “who dun it” provides a twinge of sadness and a recognition of human frailty . Dying To Live In Palm Beach is a quick read, a clever conceit, and a fun mystery.

by susiek "jhkmd2"

I don’t usually enjoy mysteries, but I finished this in only two days. Believable characters, fun humor, and sustained suspense. I feel as if I know some of these characters in real life so it kept me gripped to figure out “whodunnit” (and I was wrong!).

by M. Williams "avid reader"

Flossy Kane is a phenomenon of nature!

by Dr. Henry Yager

Personally, your book brought back some great old memories.  My family even had a Frances who was wonderful.  Flossy’s intimate conversation with Robert at his mother’s funeral was a heartwarming scene. Flossy is the best!

by Bobby Jacobson